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  7. allGSMunlock is offcial reseller for BB5King activation JAF & BB5Box
  8. confused !!!
  9. cancel it pls...
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  12. please team..
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  17. Today 3-11-2008and no active pkey
  18. mr atrix i think only the allgsm sever pkey activation is late
  19. Toturial For BB5 King Unlock
  20. Suggestion for those Who are waiting for Activation of PKEY BB5King
  21. please post here sucess bb5king from allgsmunlock server !
  22. i wait no activation for my pkey
  23. serveur off activation bb5king is up
  25. activation pkey bb5king serveur ready
  26. Pleas atrix my pkey in progress
  27. help me
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